I have a fourth date tonight with this really funny, nice and sweet guy and I’m really really looking forward to it! 

Lately life’s been pretty good actually!

I love my au pair job in London, I have a great friend who for once actually lives in the same country as I do, I’m going on dates, my family is doing good! At the moment I actually have nothing to complain about….if last year someone had told me this would be my life in a year I wouldn’t have believed them. 

Everything’s good! 

(I just wanted to share good news with all of you…most of the time people come to the internet to complain and I wanted to spread the interweb with some happiness. Life may look bleak one moment, but it will get better!)

Phone why do you continue to confuse me so much?! We’ve known each other for a year now but why do you continue to keep secrets from me?!